Camel coat

Camel coat

My dear friend and fellow blogger Paula (Moon of Paula) went on a little shoot few days ago. Even though it was a rainy day, we managed to shoot both of ours blog posts. I'm wearing last season camel coat and jeans from H&M. For a bit more color I put this thrifted Tom Tailor sweater and white kicks from Stradivarius. 

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Peek inside Robert Sever's showroom

Peek inside Robert Sever's showroom

Robert Sever Design is a brand established in 2001. (OMG, I was only two!) and since then he created over 40 collections. In my opinion, he's very different from other Croatian designers. mostly because he's paying attention to details. As you can see on every piece that he created, quality materials and functionality is chosen over trends and, especially, fads. Sever is putting couture in Pret-a-porter creating clothes that will make everyone feel like they're on a runway, but still keeping it comfortable and easily wearable.

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JV dresses

"The dresses that I make are usually one of a kind, which makes them special, at least to me. As I am just starting my fashion design journey, I am making them individually which takes up a lot of my time and effort. As for the prices, they vary depending on fabrics that I use, but most of them are in between 200 and 300 kn, and you can place an order on my Instagram profile or via e-mail."

Jelena Vrhovec (

HOOPS- Holy grail or Holy fail?

As of this year one of the first trends that occurred (in the accessories world) were, and still are, hoops. Whether for a casual look or to spice up an outfit, I have seen them on almost everybody. Celebrities such as Rihanna, Kendall Jenner, Khloé Kardashian (queen of hoops herself) and etc. have been obsessed with this trend since day 1, and while I was scrolling on Instagram seeing pictures of the queens wearing them I remember thinking to myself that I could never pull hoops off, but shockingly they are one of the few accessories that really look good on everybody. 

Kendall Jenner, Khloe Kardashian

What is so great about them is that if you're not really feeling brave, and having big hoops intimidates you or you just think that you can't pull them off, but still want to be a part of the trend, fear not my friend because there are many different styles and sizes of hoop earrings that you can still wear and they will still look just as fabulous.

After all you know what they say: the bigger the hoop the bigger the...




Favorite shots from the 90's fashion editorials

"Fashion sittings in the '90s ranged from utterly simplistic—minimalism was born in this era, after all—to the extremely bold and colorful, carrying over from the over-the-top '80s." Harpers Bazaar 

Here's my selection of photos from fashion editorials made for huge magazines or designer campaigns. I'm obsessing over retro photography and fashion, so I thought that you might like some time traveling back then when the real models were running the fashion industry! Check out these amazing shots and leave me down below your favorite ones.

Kate Moss by Stephanie Pfriender-Stylander

Harper’s Bazaar Italia, 1992.

Kate Moss by Arthur Elgort 

Vogue, 1994.

Kate Moss and Naomi Campbell photographed by Patrick Demarchelier

Harper’s Bazaar, 1998.

Kristen McMenamy by Steven Meisel Helmut Lang 

Comme des Garçons, 1992.

Karen Elson by Steven Klein

Givenchy Haute Couture, 1998.

Tyra Banks by Gilles Bensimon

ELLE, 1992. 

Cecilia Chancellor by Mario Testino 

Vogue UK, 1993.

Monica Bellucci 

Moda Italia, 1991.

Linda Evangelista by Bruce Weber

Vogue Italia, 1994.

Naomi Campbell

Ralph Lauren, 1997.

Naomi Campbell by Ellen Von Unwerth


Naomi Campbell by Mario Testino

Versace Atelier, 1997.

Naomi Campbell

Versace, 1992.

Marie Claire by Christian Moser

Moda Italia, 1991.

Trish Goff by Steven Meisel

Vogue, 1994.

Tyra Banks by Shelia Metzner


Natalie Portman by Annie Leibovitz 

Vanity Fair Magazine, 1999.

Naomi Campbell by Juergen Teller

Vogue, 1994.

Naomi Campbell by Herb Ritts

VERSACE, 1991.

Kate Moss by Manuela Pavesi

Glamour Italia, 1992.

Linda Evangelista

Vogue US, 1991.

Shop the trend Spring 2017: Yellow Splash

Alexander McQueen, Undercover, Boris Bidjan Saberi

As a big surprise to me, yellow made it to the runway! Even though I'm not a huge fan of bright colors and bold contrasts, this trend will give some positive energy in strict, monochromatic fashion world. If you're still not obsessing over this color, but you'd like to incorporate something different in your style, I'm suggesting you to pick some pieces in creamy shades, that won't rebound from your personal style, but will give some spice to it. 

I've chosen few items from high street shops that I would like to wear or buy, so maybe you'll find something for yourself.




Sneakers- Adidas

Backpack- Fjällräven 

Pants- Urban Outfitters


Painting credit to Rudy Lanjouw.

FFFriday: 3 Fashion terms you should know

Last night I came up with an new a topic idea! FFFriday stands for Fun Fashion Friday and in this series I'm gonna share with you some fashion terms that you should know, funny and ridiculous trends that (thanks God) passed by and some stuff- of course, about fashion. I'm sure you will cry your ass out and maybe learn something new, so definitely make sure to check every upcoming post! In this post I'll explain you 3 fashion terms/ styles that are trending right now.


New trend started primary by Kourtney Kardashian and followed by her younger sister Kylie. Lampshading is wearing thigh high boots with oversized sweater/ sweater dress. I find this trend very cool and I think it looks quite effortless but still chic and cool.

The Blogger Jacket

As the name says, it's popular among fashion bloggers, but I would say also among all fashionistas. It is wearing your jacket/coat or any other outwear just over the shoulders. It makes your outfit look much stylized and pretty expensive.

Kitten Heels

Heels that are short, around 1.5 inch. These heels are huge trend right now and I'm 

disgusted! I'm sorry if any of you like them, but these shoes are so ugly to me, like if you want high heel just buy 6" Louboutins! Anyways, even the ugliest pieces in fashion have their name.