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Interview; Yuliya from Yukova Blog

Hi Y'all,
today I'll introduce you to a fellow blogger Yuliya from the fashion and beauty blog called Yukova Blog.

Yuliya originates from the Ukraine but has been living in the UK since 2014.

Yuliya has developed her fashion and beauty knowledge from gaining her BA (HONS) Degree in Fashion at Cambridge School of Visual and Performing Arts and a Masters Degree in Marketing from Kiev National Economics University.

She always has exquisite and unusual content on her blog and I am extremely happy to be bringing you an interview with her. Finding out a little about her personal style and her opinions on beauty.

Can you you describe your style?

Where do I start with my style! I really love bold colours and prints. I love to match clothing that other people may not think of. I would say that my style is cute, girly fun and bold! I also have a love for bodycon dresses! I think as a woman you have to embrace your womanliness and sexy side.

How have you arrived at your current style?

I have tried many different styles throughout my life, from dying my hair and being more ‘punk rock’ to going minimalistic in style (*didn't go so well). However I always gravitate towards a more dressed up sophisticated style.

Splurges or budget buys?
I actually do both. What woman wouldn't want to feel like she's got a bargain when out on a shopping trip. However I also love to buy luxury brand accessories such as bags, shoes and coats! Bags are my worst! I just adore brands such as Michael Kors, Prada, and Chanel. I would always say to go Splurges when buying makeup however as usually this means better quality of ingredients going into the product.

Do you have a makeup routine and how would you describe it?

Makeup for me is extremely important! It brings girls with low self-esteem a lot of confidence and allows us girls to feel pretty whether we wear a lot or a little.

I am always going to new and upcoming makeup brands events to find out what will be arriving on the market next.
Here is what I do when creating my favourite makeup looks:

I like to take my time when creating my make-up. I never like to rush as I am a bit of a perfectionist.

I always start with cleanse, tone and moisturize and let the moisturizer soak into my skin for at least ten minutes.

Once this part of my routine is done I then go onto the eyes. Some people prefer to leave the eyes till last.

I however do them first as it is easier to clean any residue from the eye shadow of your skin.

Once my eyes are complete I them move onto the foundation stage. I feel it’s extremely important to use a primer before applying my foundation and it protects your skin and helps it to look flawless. Ready for your foundation.

After applying my foundation I them add blush and highlighter to my cheeks to make them look more prominent and beautiful.

To finish my look off I add a pop of colour with my favourite red lipstick.

What is the one makeup product you couldn't live without?

So it's not really a makeup product but I couldn't live without my makeup brushes. Without my brushes I would not be able to achieve half the looks I want and have them turn out looking the way they do. I especially love my brushes by Zoeva.

Would you consider your makeup to be something you wear everyday, or something that completes your look?

I see my make-up as more of a finishing touch to my outfits. The outfits would still look good without makeup as I feel that if an outfit is well put together it should look good on it’s own. However I do feel that makeup adds the finishing touches. It takes an outfit from looking good to great!

Any other style/clothing/makeup related points you’d like to add?

I often review a lot of up and coming products on my blog, which can be anything from clothing, makeup and accessories. So keep your eyes peeled at Yukova Blog for more fashion and beauty tips.

For more accessory style tips keep up to date by following Yuliya on TwitterInstagram (@yukovadesign). You can also now subscribe to her YouTube.


Casual Outfit by Étoile Lidy

Hi Y'all,
as I promised, here's my second post that I wrote about Etoile Lidy. Today we made an outfit with this beautiful blue sweater that has feathers on. We combined it with a pair of casual boyfriend jeans and Adidas superstar, but it also fits perfectly with skirt and high heels.

You can order both dresses via e-mail (lidy.concept@gmail.com) or whatsapp/viber (+385 91 5510 168). If you want to see more of Etoile Lidy like their facebook page and follow their instagram (@etoilelidy). On Saturday I will be posting a casual, every day combination, again teamed up with Etoile Lidy.