Top 10 Instagram FAQs

Lately I’m getting a lot of questions in my DMs and e-mail about my Instagram. Questions are usually similar, so I decided to collect them all and publish it here. If you have more questions for me, feel free to leave them down below!


What are your favorite filters?

The main filter that I use is

Fade filter

from the basic iPhone editor. I also like to use few a B&W filters from VSCOcam- 02, B1 and B2.


Do you post photos taken only with your iPhone?

Mostly I post photos that I took with my iPhone SE, however I share a lot of blog post photos and they are taken with Canon 600D.


For how many posts do you get paid?

Only the posts that have #ad in the description are promotions, for every other post I don’t get paid.


What is your theme?

I would say Fade/ Monochromatic. I’m not into labeling.


What’s your advice to getting popular on Instagram?

I would say originality and continuity are main factors for “Instagram popularity”, however my best advice would be- just be yourself and don’t imitate others.


What are the photos that get most likes for you?

It really depends from photo to photo. Sometimes my #ootd gets the biggest number of likes, but I think my editorials are getting the best results.


Your thoughts on instastory?

I love it! It’s thousand times better than Snapchat! 


What is the most important thing about every good pic?

Lightning! Without good light, you can have the best set up and the best outfit, your photo will look like sh*t.


Is there anything you hate about Instagram?

No, but I would really like an option of adding links directly with the photo.


 Your favorite Instagram profiles?

@khomenko.maryna and @jovanarikalo (Art photography), @ivanakorda, @kevinelezaj and @imdrewscott (Fashion), @marko_bakes (Food photography), @jlakic, @ryanxcarroll, @kylekriegerhair and @hana_rhya (Lifestyle).

Hana Rhya, Marko Josipović, Jovana Rikalo, Ivana Kordić

How I edit my outfit photos in Photoshop

Here’s a simple routine in Photoshop that I’m doing on my outfit posts. I don’t spend hours and hours editing these photos, like I would do with editorial photos. I always shot in RAW because I find it much easier to edit brightness and other stuff in this format. Let’s get started!

Editing Raw format

After I open a picture that I want to edit I fix brightness, contrast, shadows, etc. I usually adjust everything in this Raw format editor as you can see.

Straightening and Cropping 

If I’m standing in front of wall with bricks (like here), I usually need to straighten the picture and also crop a little to make it more symmetric. ATTENTION! When you’re cropping your image, be sure to use same proportion as the original picture.


I don’t like to spend a lot of time retouching my skin for outfit posts, so I just use blemish tool to remove a pimple or a mole.

Fixing the hair

A lot of time it’s windy outside when I’m shooting so it can ruin my hair. I use 


 tool to shape the hair, and as you can see, it looks so much better after.


And the last step in my routine is sharpenin

g. You can do it in a lot of different ways, but this is how I do it. Copy layer> Change from Normal to Soft Light and then you just need to apply High Pass filter (Filter>Other>High Pass) to that layer. I always leave the number around 2,5, but that depends on the picture.

Final Result 

How I edit my instagram photos (UPDATED)

Long time ago, I wrote a post about my Instagram photos. Since then, the way of how I edit my Instagram photos has changed. I don’t use harsh filters anymore and my editing is based on fixing main stuff and not adding more. Take a look at my Instagram editing routine and leave me your thoughts down below! 


I usually like the natural light (sunlight) and when you’re taking photos of white surfaces they can get yellow tones. To get rid of that I use Snapseed where you can find a saturation brush. I lower the saturation to -10 and just brush over white surfaces.


After spending 80$ on VSCOcam filter, 


 found the perfect filter for me, it’s free and not even in VSCOcam! It is

Fade filter

from the basic iPhone editing software.

Fade filter

is great for photos with small amount of colors, however, it looks amazing on some photos with bright colors.

Instagram editor

Years ago, Instagram editor was the worst editor out there, but 


 changed their game and it’s my favorite now! I fix my brightness, contrast, shadows and highlights here and sometimes I just sharpen the photos so they look more clear. 


Hi Y'all, so a lot of you ask me how I edit my instagram photos and I decided to show you now.

Two apps that I use are VSCOcam (what a shocker) and PhotoGrid.

My favorite effects are HB2 and sometimes F2 (both free). Next I go in settings (little tool in menu).

I usually put Exposure on -1 or -2, because I like darker photos and Contrast on +1 or more.

Also, I don't like bright colors so I put Saturation on -3 and Fade, just on +1.  

New option on VSCOcam is that you can decide what size you want to save your photo, so I put on actual size. After editing in VSCOcam I go in PhotoGrid and put frame on my photo.

After all editing I find some good quote and put it in caption. That's it! Please check out my profile and follow me @lukalajic!

See you next Saturday!

xoxo Luke