Here's a quick random editorial that I shot with my bestie in her building. An idea of shotting some photos in her elevator suddenly appeared in my head and now you're looking at one of my favorite editorials that I have ever done. It was super low key, nothing fancy as you can see, just my camera (flash) and a beautiful girl. 

Model: @nika_vrcic

Equipment used: Canon 600 D + 50 mm f/1.8

Alma Test Shot

"there she walks!

as proud as she can be,

with a smile as wide as the horizon

and she fears no one;

not Loneliness, not Vanity, not Dark

nor the Universe;

and no one fears Her.

there she walks!

with her electric blue painted nails

and hair as dark as the sky on

the horizon,

and she does not fear the horizon;

she has her light above her,

she has her light within her;

and the horizon does not fear Her.

there she stands!

as proud as she can be,

among flowers thrown at her,

laughing with the bees,

and she does not fear Nature;

she nurtures, she shivers,

she lives, she dies;

and Nature does not fear Her.

there she is!

within the Light, within the Dark,

dressed in Imagination;

there she is,

everywhere I am,

She does not fear Me,

and I do not fear Her."

A. Cerulli

Shooting Polaroids- Elite Model Look

Few weeks ago I was invited to take polaroids of Elite Model Look Agency competitors and now I'm bringing you my thoughts on the whole experience + exclusive photos of my favorite (future) models. Also, one of the models was my fellow blogger @katarina_dodig, so I asked her to write a brief review of the whole competition from her standpoint.

First of all, I will be super honest with you and won't say that everything was so glamorous and fancy because, well, it wasn't. I had to shoot all the models really fast, so fast that even my camera was overheating, and those four hours of the whole event were intense. However, my dear Nika was with me so everything was so much easier and I really have to give credits to all competitors because they were pretty good for their first polaroid shooting. As much as I was satisfied with the models, I was really pleased working with the whole EMLA team, especially huge thanks to Elena who invited me to this event and gave me opportunity to be involved in such an amazing project.

Here are few words that Katarina has to say about it: "The whole day was amazing! Judges were open minded and friendly. They did everything to make us feel special... Since I've met some of the judges at the casting in Split, I had already known that they were professional and kind. However, having an agent from the Elite Model Look Paris there was an experience for itself. You could feel that some girls were nervous, so was I, but we were great support to each other. As this was my first time doing something like it, I really enjoyed! It's a cool feeling when professionals are taking your photos and walking in front of the stars from the modeling world. All in all, it was indeed a fulfilling experience."