Saturday morning in the grandma's garden

My awesome grandma has a small garden few miles from Zagreb. Usually, I'm not a huge fan of digging and working in the garden, however today I made an exception. This week was super hot here in Croatia, so we went quite early and by the 8 o'clock we were done with all the work. Cherry tomatoes, peppers, potatoes and even more vegetables are planted in her garden. Now, it's time to harvest all the goodies!

"Always do your best. What you plant now, you will harvest later."

How to become successful in three simple steps

There must be millions and millions of articles covering this theme, they all have the same conclusion and their essence is the same. Here I'm giving you three main steps on how I managed to succeed in different fields. I do hope this will help you and if you have any advice that helped you to success, feel free to leave it down below!

Never give up

Most of the time when we want to accomplish a big goal, we feel like there are millions of barriers before we reach it, and it really is so! But don't ever let that stop you, in fact, accept it as something great. I think we all know that when we get something easily we don't appreciate it like we would if we worked hard to get it. The same applies to our goals. The bigger and more important they are, it will be harder to accomplish them, but once you succeed, you will appreciate it with your whole heart! That's the reason why you shouldn't give up if you want something badly, no matter how hard it is. Remember, the only difference between a winner and a loser is that the loser gave up when it was hard, but the winner kept pushing even harder.


A great method used by famous athletes, actors, businessmen... On the road to your goal create a clear image of what you wish to accomplish and visualize it every day to make it happen! It is important to have a specific image because, if you don't know yourself what is it you want, you cannot expect a big realization.


Of course, without work, there isn't much you can accomplish. Infinite amount of times people say hard work is the best road to success, which is true. Without your dedication and work you cannot hope for good results, how much you give Is how much you will get back. Imagine you have two kilograms of flour and you want to bake ten bread rolls, that simply isn't possible! Either you will go a buy some more flour or you will lower your expectations – the choice is yours.

Gifting guide for badass Dads

Happy Birthday, Dad! Today is my dads birthday, so I came up with an idea of making a list with cool stuff for your dads birthday or Christmas gift. My dad is the coolest guy that I ever met (after me) so I selected some sporty/ casual stuff because he's more likely to go out in bomber jacket than in suit. I think this items are pretty affordable and I'm sure your dad will love it ( of course, if he's cool like mine).  


Ikea Selection; Earth Toning

One of the new topics on my blog is interior design and I'll be posting my favorite items from Ikea and other shops with stuff for home. For the first post I've picked few essentials for living room in neutral and earth tones. In minimalistic and modern homes these colors can give a cozy vibe and touch of personality, especially if house/ apartment is really big and you can't get the feeling of family home.


OSHUNwhite Review

Hi Y'all,

school is finally over for me! I'm super happy and excited about my three months vaycay. I'm going to work on my new project and, if everything goes well, I'll present it to you this autumn.

For today I've prepared a little review of this great product for dental hygiene and naturally whiter teeth. OSHUNwhite are a natural health and beauty company based in London. Their main product consists of naturally flavoured virgin coconut oil and you can choose between four natural flavours: Spearmint, Peppermint, Crushed Lime and Wild Cherry. I picked crushed lime and I have to say, it tastes amazing! It's so refreshing and delicious, literally, it's better than any chewing gum. In every order you get 14 daily sachets of virgin coconut oil in the flavour of your choice, presented in a really nice box. 

Oil pulling technique is old ancient method of getting whiter teeth and a healthier mouth naturally. To be honest, a wasn't really sure in effect of using these kit, but after few days of using it, my teeth really looked whiter than before. I used the product every day in the morning after my dental routine, because normal toothpaste usually leaves terrible taste in my mouth. Also, in my order, I got copper tongue cleaner that help cleaning all bacteria in your mouth.

And finally, my opinion on this whitening kit... IT'S AWESOME! After only 14 days of using it, my teeth look so whiter and healthier than before. Tongue cleaner is great for killing all bacteria that cause bad breath, so through day, my mouth feel fresh and clean. I'm so impressed with OSHUNwhite that I became their ambassador and I have special offer for you guys! Use this link if you want a 15% commission on your order. If you already tried this kit, please leave me your opinion down below.

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Easter Table Decorating Ideas

Hi Y'all,

finally lifestyle post, right? Lately I was pretty into fashion, as you could see. However, Easter is right around the corner, so I've prepared three table decorations that you can easily create in your house. All things that I used in my sets are DIY's or pretty cheap decorations from dollar/craft store.


This set is my favorite because of the color palette and vintage look. It's really easy to create this decoration on your table, you'll just need big retro vase, piece of wood or an old tray and dry flowers. Also, I baked this chocolate cake in literally 15 mins. and I'll post a recipe on blog as soon as I can. 


Not quite Eastern, but I like the vintage vibe of all this in the set. As you can see, this is pretty simple and you have everything in your house to create it. Go with the flow, put all vintage things that you can find, only be careful with the color pallet and try to keep it simple.  


And after the dark and vintage sets, here's one for all of you who like bright and colorful Easter. To be honest, this is real Eastern decoration for me and I'm pretty sure this will be on my table. This cool vase is a DIY and I really like it with other green and yellow details. Also, big basket filled with Easter eggs would be perfect!