Explore; Zagreb's Little Picnic

Explore; Zagreb's Little Picnic

Summer nights in Zagreb can get boring sometimes, so a cute little picnic is always a great option for your chill out time. If you don't like spreading the blanket on the random grassy surfaces and bringing your own food in the nature, I have a great news for you! Every Thursday in August, from 6 P.M. to 11 P.M. you can visit organized picnic in the middle of the city.

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Saturday morning in the grandma's garden

My awesome grandma has a small garden few miles from Zagreb. Usually, I'm not a huge fan of digging and working in the garden, however today I made an exception. This week was super hot here in Croatia, so we went quite early and by the 8 o'clock we were done with all the work. Cherry tomatoes, peppers, potatoes and even more vegetables are planted in her garden. Now, it's time to harvest all the goodies!

"Always do your best. What you plant now, you will harvest later."

Museum of Contemporary art - ZAGREB

Museum of contemporary art or MSU as Croatians would call it, is one of the most popular museums in Zagreb and also my favourite. It’s located in Avenija Dubrovnik 17 and you can easily reach it with the public transport from Central Zagreb Square. Just on the other side of the street is shopping center Avenue Mall, so you won’t have any troubles finding it. For more information about working time, exhibitions and ticket prices check their site-

Also, you can check out a video tour through out the museum that I filmed on my You Tube channel- here.

Some people think that abortion should be illegal, others disagree [FREE essay]

Museum of Illusions Zagreb

Abortion is one of the most debated and controversial topics nowadays. Not only that opinions are divided, but people are selected in two main groups; pro-life and pro-choice. Supporters of the pro-life believe that a fetus will develop into a baby and that nobody has the right to cut down the further development of it. On the other side are pro-choice upholders who think that every woman should have the right to choose because that’s her body. Should abortion be legally available for every woman or is it really that bad that it should be banned?

In the first place, many religions do not endorse abortion or even any other birth control. Such religions believe that sexual intercourse is for procreation purposes only and every fetus is a human being from the moment of conception. Under that standpoint, abortion is murder just as killing a man on the street which is a moral sin.

Moreover, if women become pregnant, they should accept the responsibility that comes with producing a child. Having sexual intercourse, even when contraceptive methods are used, carries with it the risk of a pregnancy. So, the unborn baby should not suffer because of the mistake made by adults.

Lastly, abortion can affect mental health of women. They can feel depressed and sad months after the procedure and even Southern Medical Journal published that women who aborted were 154% more likely to commit suicide than women who carried to term.

On the other hand, in cases of rape, the born baby can be a constant reminder to the women of the trauma that she experienced. Therefore, the babies of such cases face a higher risk of neglecting or abuse from their mother for various reasons.

Furthermore, abortion is overall a very safe procedure talking about women’s physical health. Researches have shown that less than 1% of abortions performed before 21 weeks of pregnancy result in major complications such as heavy bleeding or infection. However, if abortion is made illegal, not sanitary conditions can lead to serious health problems, even to death of women.

Finally, every child born should come into the world wanted, loved, and cared for. Planned children often have better life prospects because caregivers are better prepared to support the child physically, emotionally, and financially.

To sum it all up, there are various reasons for and against abortion in general; however, forbidding it by law is a very serious decision that can affect a lot of people, especially women. In my opinion, abortion should be legal because nobody has right to decide about someone else’s body. Pro-life supporters focus on the fetus that, in fact, is not a human yet, however they do not care enough about women who are responsible for themselves and that unborn baby in their uterus.

“The only way to live is to let others live.”

Za prava, za žene, za ljubav.

Pun optimizma i pozitivne energije, napisat ću par riječi o temeljnom ljudskom pravu, pravu na izbor, kojeg nekolicina divnih ljudi, sa ne tako divnim stavom besramno želi osporiti. Živim po uvjerenju da svatko kreira svoju realnost i da svatko mora preuzeti odgovornost za SVOJ život, te ovim putem želim barem jednu osobu osvijestiti o važnosti razumijevanja i prihvaćanja.

Znam da su mnogi bili zgroženi i duboko povrijeđeni vidjevši kolika količina ljudi želi oduzeti primarno ljudsko pravo ženi i, kroz jedan licemjeran paravan pun straha, zamaskirati “pozitivu”. Iako sam siguran da doti jedna osoba na ovom svijetu ima najbolju namjeru i nikome ne želi naštetiti, kroz svoje uvrnute načine pokušava zagovarati ljubav. Dat ću najjednostavniji primjer- roditelja koji će svoju ljubav djetetu pružiti šamarom. On ima najbolju moguću namjeru to dijete naučiti “pravim vrijednostima” i “izvest ga na pravi put”, no u očima djeteta to sigurno nije ljubav. Na takvu ljubav dijete bi reklo: “Molim te, nemoj me tako voljeti!”.

Upravo ovakav pogrešan način iskazivanja ljubavi primjenjuju mnogo i danas. Iz uvjerenje da zagovaraju pravo na život, tvrdeći kako jedan fetus ima pravo postati dijete, zanemaruju isto to pravo kod jedne djevojke koja je spletom nesretnih okolnosti ostala trudna. Da, možda je imala seks sa 16 bez zaštite, da možda je premlada, ali od kud nama pravo ikoga osuđivati ili, ponajviše, odlučivati o tuđem nastavku života?! Sa jedne strane zagovaratelji “života fetusa” tvrde kako oni zaista žele samo da svatko ima pravo na svoj život, no potpuno ignoriraju činjenicu da postotak suicida mladih djevojaka koje su ostale trudne svake godine raste! To “nerođeno dijete” ima se pravo roditi, no 17-godišnja djevojka koja je napravila jednu POGREŠNU odluku na jednom nema više prava za nastavak svog života kao i svi drugi tinejđeri?

No, ne želim napasti nikoga i cijelim svojim bićem vjerujem da ni TI ljudi, sa drugačijim razmišljanjem od mog, imaju lošu namjeru i da oni namjerno hoće nekome naštetiti. To zaista nije tako, no ponekad, ne razmišljamo na sve strane priče, a da bi obranili svoje uvjerenje, idemo u krajnosti.

Ovo je za sve žene u mom životu- bake, tete, prijateljice, profesorice, tete u dućanu koje me svako jutro osmjehom pozdravljaju i ponajviše, za moju majku koja me je naučila empatiji i pokazala svojim primjerom kako voljeti, sebe, a onda i druge.

Za izbor, za žene, za ljubav.

Luka Lajić

Product review: Daimon Barber

Recently I was searching for new hair product and I've found an amazing brand from London, Daimon Barber. They have variety of products for men, from hair styling products to skin care. Thanks to them, I've got an opportunity to try out two of their products and now I'm bringing you a review!

Firstly, I was extremely satisfied with the box and the whole packaging of the products, however, the shipping wasn't the fastest but I don't attach it to their company because that's the problem of the international mail. I've ordered two products from their offer, one hair clay and one face wash lotion.

Face wash I have pretty sensitive skin and not a lot of products are working for me, however the Daimon Barber lotion is not harsh on the skin and the reason why is definitely because it's based on honeybee complex. After washing my face, it feels soft, fresh and healthy. Also, the smell is so good, especially if you love products that are more on natural side. One more great thing about their products is the packaging- very minimalistic and elegant, big like for that!

Texture Clay

I've order hair clay with strong hold and matte finish, because I don't like the shine in my hair, but if you do, you can find a shine finish product on their site, too. For me, the most important thing about any hair product is hold. This one is not the strongest that I've ever tried, however unlike others it doesn't make your hair sticky. It's easily washable because it's water based and they've got one more point from me because of that. Talking about styling, I would say it is better for thick hair like mine, but if you're using it and have thin hair, feel free to leave your thoughts down below. At the end, I have to emphasize the packaging once a again, the jar is looking pretty dope and you can display it anywhere without worry that'll look bad. 

All in all, I'm satisfied with the products, their packaging and the whole experience with Daimon Barber. If you've tried any of their products or have any questions for me, leave them down below.

Morana Mamic- “Style is not important, we just care about the brand”

Morana Mamić is one of the most influential Instabloggers in Balkan region. Amazing style, contagious energy and inspiring captions are trademark of this successful entrepreneur. Even though she doesn't like talking about her job, she’s a CEO of fashion brand One and Only London. Main pieces of her collections are oversized shirts, blouses with interesting patterns and summer dresses. Throughout her photos, you can feel her positive energy and it’s pretty clear that this beautiful woman is living her life to the fullest. Being honored that I can share with you two columns that Morana wrote, I’m sure that you’ll get why she’s so famous among Instagram users. Also, if you find her photos interesting, make sure to follow her! 

Petite Malle bag

After a magical trip to Scotland I've returned to the even more magical reality in London… or maybe even the Arabian Emirates? Walking through Knightsridge you can’t see anyone except fat rich Arabs! After writing this sentence, I can already imagine Islamic Community, Community of fat people and fast food lovers killing me, however, dear people, that’s reality. Don’t get me wrong, they don’t bug me, until those fat guys start pushing me and pant to my head around Harrods, which is their “second home”, well it’s mine too. Namely, carried away with the mantra “only the sky is the limit” I've decided to buy myself a Petite Malle Louis Vuitton bag. After half an hour of trying it, just when I wanted to give my poor Visa, I caught a sight of a bearded Arab who’s ass has covered almost two square meters of the Louis Vuitton shop. An extremely kind seller took my card while the other immediately started packing up the bag and the third seller told me to sit down and that he will get me a glass of champagne. I sat next to the bearded fat guy. He was looking around not very interested, cleaning his teeth with the Harrods coasters in one moment and typing on his phone in the other. In that moment, the kind seller comes up to me and says: “Sorry miss, but your card has been declined.” As he told me that, a cold sweat has showered me. The seller, now with a wry smile, tried swiping my card again. That little machine threw out a little paper with a big DECLINE on it. Seeing that, I've drank my champagne as fast as I could and right in the moment when I wanted to say I have a no limit Visa, that fat Arab farted as loud as he could. The fancy English seller didn't even blink, and I, annoyed by my Visa being declined, turned around to the Arab and asked him: “With your delicious champagne, do you need toilet paper too?” And that’s how my poor Visa died in the Louis Vuitton shop, while the Petite Malle bag will be worn by some other Arabian lady whose husband is that rich that he can fart freely in the middle of Harrods…

Style is not important, we just care about the brand

Most of my life I was surrounded by women who played a game “Style is not important, we just care about the brand”. “The rules” of the game were pretty simple. "The leader of the herd" would first buy a designer bag or any other clothing item. With that, she would basically give “homework” to all the other "sheep" from the herd. Their new move would be running to the web shop and buying the exact same pieces. The speed of Net-a-porter’s delivery dictated the dynamic of the game. How I wasn't able to keep up with the game because I didn't have that much money, and fake pieces didn't look legit, I was forced to create my own “rules of the game”. I started designing clothes, bags and accessories for myself. When the players realized that they can’t buy my clothes on Net-a-porter, they started asking me where I bought my super cool designer pieces. I admitted that I've created them for myself. Then they mocked me in the most terrific way. I decided that I would end our friendship, but for the end I came up with a bizarre game in which I was dictating the rules. I designed a few blouses, dresses and coats, and my dressmaker sew them. In my wardrobe I had a few designer pieces from where I took off the labels and sew it on MY designer pieces. I called all my “friends” and said that my good friend came a few days ago and left cool clothes, so if they want to see it, they can come to my place. The leader of the herd first came up and bought “the best” pieces. By the end of the week, every sheep from the herd came and bought something, however only one vest wasn't sold and the reason was, because I didn't have any more designer clothes from where I could take the labels off, so that one left unlabeled. Today, this vest is labeled as One and Only London- my brand!